How’s Lockdown Going for You & Yours – 5 Suggestions to Help You Remain in Control

How’s lockdown going for you & yours so far?

Taking care of your WellBeing in these uncertain times must be important right? But how do we do this?

Here’s just 5 things to make a priority for your household, together with some ideas and tips to help you put them into practice.

1. Stay connected with people

So so so important! Check in with friends you haven’t had time to due to our busy lives. Have a catch up, a giggle even (it is allowed!) with those you have things in common with too, there is nothing worse than phoning a busy house if yours is uncomfortably quiet (or the other way around!).

Try not to dwell either on the news, changing your thoughts, even for the short conversation, will do wonders to lift your spirits.

2. Talk about your worries

No, I not contradicting myself from the above suggestion!

What I’m suggesting if you are seriously worried and feel you need help then you must seek it. Your GP, a charity helpline either local or national, your therapist may even be offering online or telephone consults or in emergencies present yourself at A&E and they will still help you (our UK NHS is the best in the world 🌈) and keep you safe.

Love our NHS

3. Support & help others

Many of us are feeling a little lost, bewildered & without purpose, so how about offering to help others. Whether that be a neighbour fetch the morning milk or by volunteering at a local charity. Obviously, these will depend on your Covid-19 risk status and implementing correct protocols. But, even if your health limits what you can do outside of the house just a phone call to others for a 10 minute natter showing friendship in adversity will not only lift their spirits!

Most of all be understanding of others, some of us are dealing with these days in different ways to you or me. And that’s ok too.

4. Look after your body

Sounds easy right?

I, for one, am tripping up here! I hold my hands up, own worst enemy. But the medics, dieticians etc all tell us (yes I’m taking notes too) that we should be keeping hydrated, eating healthily and taking our regular exercise. Lockdown rules here in the UK say we can leave the house for this exercise (a run or cycle ride!!! My Fibro body is screaming ‘get away!!’) so here’s our excuse to see something other than your 4 walls. Unfortunately, those of you in the shielded group lockdown is a little stronger for you but by eating well, staying hydrated, correctly medicated and at home, you will hopefully remain safe & healthy until restrictions are reduced. This isn’t forever.

5. Feel prepared

What?? I hear you say! Trust me, this point I have a firm grip of & saved till last on purpose.

Yes, think of what you would normally do or normally need to do. What changes have been enforced on your normality? Is there a way you can still carry on but going about things slightly differently? You are due an appointment at the hospital for instance, could you contact them to see if the appointment is now a telephone consult or online perhaps? By phoning you know in advance, they can take up to date contact details and appropriate arrangements can be made, reducing worry & stress! Boom 💥 Who’s in control? You! Boom 💥 (Sorry get over excited)

Hope I’ve given you food for thought here (and an insight into my imperfect but perfectly ok life at the moment). No body is dealing with these times perfectly, and do you know what ……..? That’s ok.


S x

So, I’m blogging now too! 😱

Hemp hemp hemp! Yes I bloody love the stuff! Whatever form it takes – fibre, CBD, food or in my joint 🤭🤫!

Since finding CBD 5 years ago & realising how much of a difference it made to my anxiety levels and sleep problems, I’ve been able to deal with my chronic pain issues with a much clearer head. I could think straight! 🤪

CBD has literally been a life changer for me

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but for me it’s where this chronic illness journey back to health began.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the MHRA.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Information on this site is not meant to replace medical advice given by your Doctor

Namaste S x

Addressing your Stressing!

Stress can feel like a tricky cycle to break free from, as often the symptoms then add to our stress, and we feel worse. But the good news is there’s a simple way we can manage the impact of stress, and it’s all about planning.

By completing my simply designed 3 step planning tool or ‘safety plan’ you can begin feel more in control of your life, motivating you to achieve your goals, and helping to maintain balance and calm. Honest! 😁

This will offer you a sense of security and confidence that, when stressful things happen, you will be prepared for it and by actioning this plan back to a place of calm and stability.

Here’s what to do:

1. What will help?

Ask yourself this question, and then write down what might help you stick to this goal. For example: reading 📖, taking a bath 🛀, yoga 🧘‍♀️, talking to a friend 👭.

When we are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, our brain doesn’t function as usual. This can mean we struggle and lose sight of our goal(s). The best & simplest way to solve this is to be prepared, to plan ahead.

2. Identify your goal

Think about what you want to work on, then flip it on its head and think about the positive behaviour you want to achieve. For example: I want to feel less stressed. Therefore my goal is to feel calm and relaxed.

Spending a few minutes physically writing down your goal forces you to clarify exactly what it is & begins to feel achievable.

3. ‘If and then’ plan

Systematically work through those vulnerable times in your day, or potential barriers that might come up, and identify what positive behaviour you can use to ensure these situations don’t throw you off track. For example: if an argument happens at work, then I will go to my desk and listen to music for five minutes. If I start to overthink a situation, then I will distract myself by going for a walk. Note: if you’re prone to catastrophising this might not be the best method for you, unless you can really focus on the ‘then’ part. We’re all unique and the most effective techniques might vary for individuals.

The course of life never runs smoothly 100% of the time, but remember the more we prepare ourselves, the less impact these situations will have on our mood. Having all this written down can take the pressure off you having to think of coping strategies in the moment when your mind is most vulnerable.

So there you have it! Just one way of keeping calm when stress threatens to overwhelm but there are many ways to relax & stay calm. How do you manage your stress levels? I’d love to here your strategies, perhaps you may help others too.


S x