When life throws you curve balls…….

So here I am, 50 years of age, disabled with numerous chronic lifelong illnesses and in 12 months time I will be an empty nester!!!!

Ffs, where did the 25 year old career driven, home owner, travel hungry and focused able woman go??? Oh yeah, BURNOUT, POST-NATAL DEPRESSION & UPTEEN STUPID RELATIONSHIP DECISIONS later …………..

No amount of looking backwards is going to reverse any of the years so here I am (as I said!). Regrets ???? NOT ONE Why? Because I have my lads, my pride & joys.

My pride and joys, on our first holiday as just the four of us.

Yes, my future isn’t what I’d imagined at 25 but I can tell you now I have so many plans, so much drive & positivity that this fabulous 50 year old is ready to take on anything life has to throw at me!

First up, an Open University Degree in English Language & Literature, yes me! A student after all these years supporting my lads through their education, now it’s time to use my brain too. Showing them how it’s done.

Life doesn’t always go to plan, your plan. The Universe may have something way better up it’s sleeve for you.

Believe it


S x