My Week …….. No. 9 in Lockdown!

Yes 9 weeks I tell you!!! Apart from driving to the chemist to collect my own medication and to pick up the lads after they’ve done our shopping, all I’ve seen is my house &, luckily, my garden. I was mid Fibro Pain Flare as Lockdown began so had not been out before Bozza’s decision to enforce the UK’s Covid-19 restrictions.

The UK Government’s Initial Covid-19 Message

This week has bought some of the usual flipping cold weather back so barometer body went into it’s usual ‘ouchie’ response so I’m not impressed! My hips feel about 90!

Sunday’s announcement of the loosening of restrictions only bought the family more stress to if I’m completely honest, with my sister being a Year 1 Primary School Teacher. She’s so far been able to work from home, her head teacher has been ace shielding her from as much direct contact with the key worker & vulnerable kids currently in school. But when June 1 comes along she knows the school will need her & she’ll go. She loves teaching, she loves her kids but it doesn’t stop us worrying heh!

Anyway, enough moaning! Good god woman, I wouldn’t read on much more ha ha! I’ve completed my 2nd year of my degree studies & honestly I couldn’t be prouder of myself! She said, blowing her own trumpet!! I’m just waiting for July for final results now but I think I’ve done enough to nail it. Year 2 of 6 done! Onward now to a year of Literature through the Ages from 1840 I think. I’m gonna enjoy this one.


Today I’m having a snuggled up under a blanket reading a book type of day, preparing a couple of CBD & Cannabis posts for my Facebook Page kinda day & drinking lots of coffee sort of day (CBD coffee of course!).

Love & light


S x