Covid-19 Life ………

So we’re nearly 13 weeks down. I know “we’re not stuck at home, we’re safe at home” but how big the knock on affects be?

This week I had my 2nd zoom call appointment with my Pain Clinic Physio. The storm was raging outside & my pain scores were almost unbearable. And this ol’ bird cried her way through the whole 30 minute call. Don’t think Physio Paul quite knew how to deal with me! Oops! I’m currently waiting for my regular pain killing steroid injections but the clinic has suspended treatments for now.

With our Pain Clinic only doing telephone or zoom calls whilst Covid-19 levels locally are too high, I wonder how many other Clinics are frozen currently too! Once this is all over, the ‘Post-Mortem’ I fear, may reveal some horror stories!

City Hospital, Birmingham
Eerily empty main corridor!

My thoughts are the huge waiting lists for elective surgeries, imagine being in pain with crumbling hips needing replacements or with a child needing corrective foot surgery which could have life long effects. But my biggest concern is the suspension of Cancer services, diagnoses, support & treatments.

I’m in no way aiming to be a negative Nelly, I know many lives have been saved & we’ll be forever indebted. Our magnificent NHS is the best in the world and it has coped incredibly well with the pandemic.

But have we been lead correctly? Time will tell heh?

Let’s hope we’re nearing normalcy. Love & light.

Namaste. S x

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