Mental Health lessons learned in lockdown.

Lockdown has presented us with many challenges, but it has also brought opportunities to assess what’s really important to our lives and our wellbeing. As we broke free from our routines and moved at a slower pace, there have been mental health lessons to learned from lockdown living.

Here, are some tips to explore as things gradually return to normal.

1. Sitting with your feelings can be healthy and productive

It’s not always easy, but when we take the time to slow down and tune in, we are able to fully explore the root of our emotions, which can allow us to get to the core of our wellbeing needs.

2. Prioritising self-care is a vital part of good mental health

Self-care comes in many forms. But whatever works for you, ensuring that you make time for self-care means that you’re prioritising good mental health.

3. Exercise is what you make of it, and it comes in many different forms

It can be easy to get in a trap of thinking that exercise and fitness has a specific look. But, as gyms shut down across the country, we’ve found new ways to exercise and discovered what feels right for us.

4. There’s solace to be found in getting back to nature

As access to the outdoor world was taken away, many of us have a new-found appreciation for time spent in nature, whether that be in our daily walks or in our gardens. Getting out can be incredibly soothing, and spending time outdoors is at the top of many post-lockdown bucket lists.

5. Healthy boundaries mean that we’re able to priorities the things that make us happy

It can be a challenge, but when we take the time to set boundaries between our work and home lives, as well the things we’re able to do for others, we could make a start on the process of prioritising the things that make us happy and which are fulfilling for us.

Let me know what you think. What have you learned from lockdown about you and your mental health? Have the pandemic restrictions made you make lasting changes?

Namaste. S x

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