It’s been a week to forget!! I HATE you Covid-19

It’s been a bonkers week for me & the family. My Dad was rushed to hospital last Friday with breathing issues (ultimately diagnosed as a chest infection & pneumonia) but with Covid restrictions still in place it feels like he’s been ripped from us. Mom & Dad, married for 51 years, have rarely spent time apart and for me, my sister & brother it’s been just waiting by the phone for updates.

On a personal level, my stress & anxiety levels, already high due to the Covid lockdown & restrictions, have shot through the roof causing havoc with my Fibro symptoms. Sleep ……. what’s that again? Not had a full nights kip in a week (which causes issues in itself!) Pain levels haven’t been too bad, although we haven’t stopped all week getting the house ready for Dad to come home, so this may come later! I am trialling a new CBD massage oil though on my knees and so far I’m very impressed.

The combo of symptoms will catch up with me as Dad has now come home & we can look after him ourselves. I’m physically hurting, mentally I’ve got 10 million thoughts going through my head at 100 mph but emotionally, relief is top of the pile.

Now to relax and enjoy family time. Recuperation needed all round, with a dash of CBD (of course) thrown in for good measure!


S x

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