Not goodbye, it’s See you later Dad x

Tomorrow is the day I never wanted to arrive, my Dad’s funeral. It’s been a long 3 weeks since he passed away & I don’t think his loss has yet even begun to sink in.

We are all caring for each other as a family unit, attempting to stick to Covid-19 restrictions with those outside of our close family but what we really could do with is a sh%t ton of hugs. 2020 isn’t proving fair for many, us included.

Organising a funeral in current Covid times – bubbles, face coverings, limit on numbers, inviting folk to a service, no singing, a video link for those unable to attend (& available for 28 days after to re watch), a wake with limited numbers, plated food, social distanced, rule of 6 AND ALL COULD CHANGE, AT A MOMENTS NOTICE, WITH EVERY MOVEMENT OF THE PM’s MOUTH!

We will give Dad the best send off circumstances allow, knowing that we’re luckier than some families who lost loved ones earlier in the pandemic. Once restrictions are eased we will celebrate Dad’s life, achievements and legacies with a family get together, a family healing and continuing to make him proud.

Love you Dad. Until later xxxxx

2 thoughts on “Not goodbye, it’s See you later Dad x

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that tomorrow is a special day for remembering your Dad despite the restrictions. Sending a virtual hug. x ❤

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