This morning waking up in my own bed is total bliss!!!

After 5 days, 4 nights in our local hospital I’m finally home, able to manage my condition myself again. Fibromyalgia flares still have ways of flooring me, even after sooooooooooooo many years of the battle. So if you’re reading this thinking ‘I’m not doing/coping very well with this syndrome’ don’t beat yourself up, it ain’t easy. And, Fibro changes the rules as you go!!!

For me this time, right sided abdominal pain raged so Dr’s wanted first to rule out the usual suspects – appendicitis & a uti. Once I’d received the “normal” results (you know the ones – “your results show everything is normal” & the experts just don’t get why you’re not pleased!) the surgical team called in the Pain Management Team & I was started on the oramorph & initial bed rest regiment. Movement through walking the ward was introduced gradually during my stay & needs to continue now I’m home.

So grateful for our NHS and all of the staff involved in it. How lucky are we in the UK to have this healthcare system. No it isn’t perfect! But neither are the people who use it!

Boy, I’ve a few stories to tell you about this stay at the All Inclusive Hotel NHS! Stupidity rules in some people’s heads I’m sure!!!! But they’re for another blog post.

Forever grateful, Namaste

Sharon x

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