Wishing you all a kinder, more positive 2021.

Evening, just a quick post as I’ve been on the gin & tonics since 7pm!

Personally, and isn’t that what a blog is heh?, 2020 has been totally crap! My health has gone downhill to the point I’m bed bound now awaiting pain killing injections, which are on hold due to the rise in Covid cases. I’ve got oral morphine to use but really don’t want to use the damn stuff. But do on days when I just can’t handle the abdominal pains. After yet another stay in hospital I’m anxious to stay out so am really trying to be sensible (so unlike me!!!!! )

Losing my hero, my Dad in September has my mental health total in a spin, anxiety sky high about EVERYTHING & EVERYONE, yes I hear you nodding, you know the attacks. Tears appear at the drop of a hat! Never been a crier, feels so awkward (which sets of anxiety!!!). Tonight I’ve raised a few glasses to my Dad. New Years Eve was always his favourite, his party night. Mom & Dad have held parties for the passed 42 NYE, but tonight Mom is home alone, no Dad, no party & no conga at midnight waking all the neighbours as we conga’d around their Avenue (leaving streamers in our wake). Part in thanks to Boris & his Tier 4 restrictions, part Covid, part the doubters who say the virus isn’t real & carry on spreading the germs but tonight there is no party.

But in 15 minutes time I will be the proudest daughter as I raise my glass to my Dad, my hero, our hero, much missed, forever loved.

So I wish you & yours all the very best for 2021 (& for covid to do one!)

Love & namaste S x

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