Wow, has it really been 12 months since I visited here???

Well, 2021 turned out not much better than 2020 for my mental health. This COVID-19 virus has had me in a vice-like grip of health related anxiety throughout the year. Probably not helped by a terrifying 6 day isolated stay on a respiratory ward with covid pneumonia in May!

Now amount of Hands, Face, Space & Protect the NHS protected me from that stay. And now from the added ‘Bonus’ of Long Covid! I couldn’t make it up!

Anyway, as 2021 draws to a close I want to focus on the future. I’m still vaping CBD for anxiety for social situations & breakthrough pain & have found a fab broad spectrum juice I can enjoy. I’m still enjoying CBD teas, coffees & sweets as I can afford them. I’m currently enjoying a fabulous CBD matcha tea & I add CBD honey to sweeten it.

I’m currently in the middle of my degree studies, English Language & Literature is my poison!!! Loving it, although with my mushy fibro brain plus long covid fatigue I’m having to work really hard to keep up (& having to grovel for extensions for assignments!!)

Right, I’ve waffled on. I’ll see you on the other side (or in early 2022).

Nameste. S x

Wishing you all a kinder, more positive 2021.

Evening, just a quick post as I’ve been on the gin & tonics since 7pm!

Personally, and isn’t that what a blog is heh?, 2020 has been totally crap! My health has gone downhill to the point I’m bed bound now awaiting pain killing injections, which are on hold due to the rise in Covid cases. I’ve got oral morphine to use but really don’t want to use the damn stuff. But do on days when I just can’t handle the abdominal pains. After yet another stay in hospital I’m anxious to stay out so am really trying to be sensible (so unlike me!!!!! )

Losing my hero, my Dad in September has my mental health total in a spin, anxiety sky high about EVERYTHING & EVERYONE, yes I hear you nodding, you know the attacks. Tears appear at the drop of a hat! Never been a crier, feels so awkward (which sets of anxiety!!!). Tonight I’ve raised a few glasses to my Dad. New Years Eve was always his favourite, his party night. Mom & Dad have held parties for the passed 42 NYE, but tonight Mom is home alone, no Dad, no party & no conga at midnight waking all the neighbours as we conga’d around their Avenue (leaving streamers in our wake). Part in thanks to Boris & his Tier 4 restrictions, part Covid, part the doubters who say the virus isn’t real & carry on spreading the germs but tonight there is no party.

But in 15 minutes time I will be the proudest daughter as I raise my glass to my Dad, my hero, our hero, much missed, forever loved.

So I wish you & yours all the very best for 2021 (& for covid to do one!)

Love & namaste S x


This morning waking up in my own bed is total bliss!!!

After 5 days, 4 nights in our local hospital I’m finally home, able to manage my condition myself again. Fibromyalgia flares still have ways of flooring me, even after sooooooooooooo many years of the battle. So if you’re reading this thinking ‘I’m not doing/coping very well with this syndrome’ don’t beat yourself up, it ain’t easy. And, Fibro changes the rules as you go!!!

For me this time, right sided abdominal pain raged so Dr’s wanted first to rule out the usual suspects – appendicitis & a uti. Once I’d received the “normal” results (you know the ones – “your results show everything is normal” & the experts just don’t get why you’re not pleased!) the surgical team called in the Pain Management Team & I was started on the oramorph & initial bed rest regiment. Movement through walking the ward was introduced gradually during my stay & needs to continue now I’m home.

So grateful for our NHS and all of the staff involved in it. How lucky are we in the UK to have this healthcare system. No it isn’t perfect! But neither are the people who use it!

Boy, I’ve a few stories to tell you about this stay at the All Inclusive Hotel NHS! Stupidity rules in some people’s heads I’m sure!!!! But they’re for another blog post.

Forever grateful, Namaste

Sharon x

The New Cannabis Wellness Market: A Brief History of CBD

Cannabis Sativa L. or Industrial Hemp, as we know it, has been used for a large variety of ailments, industrial applications, and ceremonial uses for millennia. Evidence gathered from ancient sites has revealed that the plant was important, and even sacred, in many societies, including Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, and Ancient India.

However, after the plant’s longstanding popularity, the Western world entered the prohibition era – a movement that quickly spread throughout the world and drastically changed the perception of cannabis. Prohibition was fuelled by suspicion of the plant’s psychoactive properties as well as the development of stereotypes used against the plant’s users, “Reefer Madness”

The hemp leaf

Recreational use of the plant halted in the early 20th century, with medical cannabis also being tightly controlled and, in some cases, banned. Unfortunately, prohibition also coincided with the largest investment in medical and scientific research in history by Pharmaceutical Companies. This has also left a huge gap in our knowledge of the cannabis plant and how it can be used.

Following almost a century in outlaw in much of the world, however, a new cannabis revolution is taking hold. People are once again embracing the cannabis plant for its medicinal properties, and even governments are beginning to re-think their policies on its control.

Yet, despite this slow but steady re-embrace of the plant, the most common (and most famous) compound produced by cannabis – THC – remains illegal in most countries. Science and the public have, nonetheless, embraced another cannabis compound for its all round wellness potential and lack of psychoactive properties.

The Rise of CBD

CBD is the second-most prevalent cannabinoid produced by Cannabis Sativa L. Researchers found it has promising medicinal potential, including being an anti-inflammatory and helping to reduce seizures in treatment-resistant epilepsy.

The chemical symbol for CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) was discovered and isolated in the 1940s. Despite the discovery that it didn’t possess mind-altering properties, ongoing prohibition meant that research around the compound remained limited. In 1980, CBD’s potential as an anticonvulsant therapy was discovered. The anticonvulsant properties of cannabis had been known by societies thousands of years ago, yet forgotten.

Having gained increasing attention in the medical world, CBD remained relatively unheard of among the public. On the other hand, hemp wellness – though not managing to break into the mainstream – had developed (or maintained) relative popularity. This ready market may have initially have helped to develop the popularity of CBD.

Expanding the CBD Market – Commercial CBD Products

CBD products entered the commercial market as health supplements in oil/tincture and capsule form. However, in the last few years, a massive array of products have emerged, including edibles, beverages, skincare, and even clothing and pillows!!

Expansion may be put down to the continued legalisation of cannabis in a small number of countries. For example, the 2018 US Farm Bill in the USA. This law change had meant that companies were free to extract CBD and develop products for export for the first time, although many restrictions do still exist.

Unfortunately in the UK, insufficient regulation means currently Hemp crops cannot be grown for CBD. And while regulation is finally improving in the UK, there remains a number of poor quality of CBD products on the market – in some cases, these products may actually contain no CBD at all! New regulations are due to be in place to regulate the CBD market by March 31st 2021, however the current worldwide pandemic may have delayed the legal reading into law. We wait to be advised at the time of writing.

Medicinal CBD Products

CBD-based medications, alongside other medical cannabis products, have also been experiencing a liberation over the last few decades. Medical cannabis laws have been eased immensely, with the majority of US states, and many countries in Europe and throughout the rest of the world moving to approve access to these medicines.

In the UK, Cannabis based medicine became legal in November 2018 however, very few prescriptions have been issued. I’ll be looking into the current status of the industry during Medical Cannabis Awareness Week, 1 – 8 November 2020 and bring you all the information I can.

The logo for Medical Cannabis Awareness Week 2020

Keep your eyes open for updates. Until next time ……. Nameste S x

This Fibro Brain Works!!!!!!

Back in June I shared this with my FB group & it started many conversations with people new to CBD.

Thought I’d share here too. 🤓


A – “Addictive” No it’s not, this is a myth. Scientific studies have shown that CBD is non-addictive. At the molecular level, CBD is neither addictive, nor does it produce the so-called “stoned” or psychotropic effect that THC does.

B – “Broad Spectrum” A CBD product containing the same cannabis compounds as a Full Spectrum CBD product minus the THC.

C – “Cannabinoids” There are over 114 Cannabinoids that have been isolated from the cannabis plant, so far. Scientific research continues and more may be found. The most well known and well studied are CBD and THC.

D – “Drug Testing” In the UK, CBD must be produced from industrial hemp and contain zero to <0.2% THC. It is rare for the THC to be detected at these levels in any drug test and currently drug tests aren’t designed to detect CBD. However, if you need a clean drug test, it’s always safer to go for 0% THC CBD option.

E – “Entourage Effect” This is the combined effect of different compounds found in cannabis that work together as a whole to produce a greater effect than if working separately. The role of terpenes and cannabinoids enhance the entourage effect in Full and Broad Spectrum CBD.

F – “Full Spectrum” A CBD product which is full of all the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids found in hemp, including THC at up to UK legal limits.

G – “Going travelling with CBD” (sorry it’s the best we could do!) Although the UK has legalised Hemp CBD, many countries still consider it illegal so, best to either check before travelling or not risk it!

H – “High” Will CBD make you high? The answer is NO. UK hemp legal CBD doesn’t contain enough THC to produce the psychotropic effects associated with cannabis.

I – “Illegal” It does still remain illegal to carry grow or supply cannabis. It is also illegal to sell Pet CBD, CBD flowers or bud or to use Isolate in any CBD product except topical or cosmetic CBD products. Any CBD products sold in the UK not produced from hemp CBD are also illegal, in addition to anything with a THC value of in excess of 0.2%.

J – “Just CBD” or CBD isolate. Isolate contains no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids etc. except CBD. All other molecules have been extracted during processing to leave just the CBD.

K – Is for “Kilo”. Tough one this, so a pretty useless fact for most of us mere mortals, apparently to buy a kilo of CBD, in the current markets, it will cost between $4250 – $5500!!

L – “Legal” Currently CBD is legal in the UK as long as certain conditions are met. It must contain no more than 0.2% THC and extracted from industrial hemp.

M – “Medical Claims” Beware of retailers who make medical claims about CBD. This goes against the guidelines set by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) & Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MRHA). If a seller is willing to break these essential regulations, are these the trustworthy vendors you want to spend your money with?

N – “Number of drops” One drop is about 0.05 milliliters (ml). That is, not a full dropper — just a single drop. This means that a 10ml bottle of CBD oil contains an average of 200 drops. And if the packaging for that 10ml bottle says that the bottle contains 1,000 mg of CBD, each drop will contain about 5 mg of CBD.

O – “Overdose” You cannot overdose on CBD, but remember to go low dose over a slow period so you don’t miss hitting your sweet spot. Should you ever take more CBD than you system needs or can deal with, you will simply excrete it as waste (polite that for me heh!).

P – “Patience” Yes, you may need patience when introducing any CBD, some methods will need more than others. Don’t expect it to work like an aspirin on a headache! Everyone’s Endocannabinoid System is different, so everyone’s body will respond differently. Finding your “sweet spot” may take time but results seen have been worth the patience.

Q – “Quickest route” Results have shown one of the quickest routes to absorb CBD is through vaping either CBD E-Liquid or Crumble, however, this also means it is the most short acting too.

R – “Receptors” Within our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) we have CB1 & CB2 receptors. Research is still ongoing to fully understand the ECS but so far we know it plays role in regulating a range of functions and processes, including; sleep, mood, appetite, memory, reproduction and fertility.

S – “Sativa” All industrial hemp is classified as sativa, it is the only subspecies from which CBD can be extracted from that you can legally buy in the UK.

T – “Terpenes” Terpenes are found in resinous oils of plants and play a vital role in their survival. It’s all in the aromas, it’s why flowers smell beautiful, it’s why cannabis smells the way it does and how different strains can be identified.

U – “Unscrupulous Retailers” If it looks too good it usually is!! It’s important to know what you’re buying, what’s legal and what’s not and understand the terminology.

V – “Vaping” It is widely accepted that this is the quickest way to ingest CBD but it is also the shortest acting. E-Liquids can be isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum.

W – “Warning” CBD is not medicine, it is a food supplement, it is not a cure for any illness & no medical claims should EVER be made. However, CBD can help support your health & a healthy lifestyle.

X – “eXtra mile” Loose one this but, I will say I will go that extra mile to help you find that right product for you.

Y – “You” Finding the right dosage, method of ingestion, or application of CBD is all about personal choice, all about you. Everyone is different, everybody’s ECS is different so the right product for one person may not be the right for another. After all, it’s your “sweet spot” or goal you are aiming for.

Z – “Zero THC” To be legal in the UK, CBD must Contain below 0.2% THC. To avoid any issues such as “dirty” drug tests buy zero THC CBD products, broad spectrum or isolates.

Really got my geeky 🤓 nerd brain working. 😜

Proudly sharing

This course has really helped me reassess my own CBD usage (I changed how I take CBD, my ingestion method. I learned about the bioavailability and found what I believe is best for me. And of course will help me in discussions with others.

After years of a head filled with Fibro fog, sleep deprived confusion, to be able to complete a Diploma has boosted my confidence no end.

Highly recommended.

Not goodbye, it’s See you later Dad x

Tomorrow is the day I never wanted to arrive, my Dad’s funeral. It’s been a long 3 weeks since he passed away & I don’t think his loss has yet even begun to sink in.

We are all caring for each other as a family unit, attempting to stick to Covid-19 restrictions with those outside of our close family but what we really could do with is a sh%t ton of hugs. 2020 isn’t proving fair for many, us included.

Organising a funeral in current Covid times – bubbles, face coverings, limit on numbers, inviting folk to a service, no singing, a video link for those unable to attend (& available for 28 days after to re watch), a wake with limited numbers, plated food, social distanced, rule of 6 AND ALL COULD CHANGE, AT A MOMENTS NOTICE, WITH EVERY MOVEMENT OF THE PM’s MOUTH!

We will give Dad the best send off circumstances allow, knowing that we’re luckier than some families who lost loved ones earlier in the pandemic. Once restrictions are eased we will celebrate Dad’s life, achievements and legacies with a family get together, a family healing and continuing to make him proud.

Love you Dad. Until later xxxxx

I am still here!!

Just thought I’d hop on & say I am still around & will be back BIGGER and better.

I’m currently with my family mourning the loss of my Dad to cancer. Please send your healing thoughts to those still fighting this vile invasive disease.

RIP Dad xxxxx

On holiday, enjoying retirement – Rhodes 2019

CANNABIS & SLEEP – How can Cannabinoids and Endocannabinoids Influence Sleep?

Do sleep issues affect your life? I am on a mission to find the answer to my issues, using CBD and this is my nerdy 🤓 research! If it raises any questions for you please comment below & we’ll have a natter 💚💚

Thought to affect a large proportion of the population, including around a third of people in the UK who are classified as not ‘good sleepers’. Getting enough sleep is vital to maintain your body’s regular function, as without it can lead to irregular brain and bodily homeostasis, low energy levels, and decreased cognitive ability.

Cannabis, long known to have significant therapeutic and medicinal potential, it’s effects on sleep can be traced back to reports in medical journals during the 1800’s. Cannabinoids, found both within the cannabis plant (phytocannabinoids) and within our bodies (endocannabinoids) have potential to promote a normal sleep pattern/behaviour.

Looking at it’s fascinating use throughout history

Scientists increasingly believe that endocannabinoids play a huge role in sleep and sleep neurophysiology, so more research is required to fully understand the ‘HOW’ cannabinoids may alter these processes. Numerous studies, in both humans and animals, have shown the introduction of cannabinoids, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), may ‘help to induce sleep and decrease the chance of waking after the onset of sleep’.

The Effects of THC on Sleep

For example, a survey carried out in 2017 of over 1,500 patients at a New England medical cannabis dispensary, showed that around two-thirds reduced their use of sleeping tablets in favour of medical cannabis.

In addition, a number of studies have indicated that long term and heavy THC exposure, as well as other CB1-activating compounds (remember the receptors in our endocannabiniod systems?), appear to improve sleep. It must be noted however, many of these studies recognised that the sleep as being of low quality.

The Effects of CBD on Sleep

With most past studies on cannabinoids in sleep modulation focused on THC, an increasing number of studies have begun to focus on the potential of CBD!

Results remain unclear on the overall effect that CBD may have on improving sleep, with one study finding that CBD had opposing effects to THC when it came to sleep. In this study CBD appeared to have ‘wake-enhancing effects’, as opposed to the sedative properties seen in THC administration.

Another study, used a self reporting model among it’s participants and found a modest improvement in sleep. Other evidence suggests that a near-equal ingestion of both THC and CBD may improve sleep, without increasing tolerance to the cannabinoids. This may present an opportunity, if proven, for cannabinoids to be used as a natural and sustainable treatment for many sleep disorders.


Although there are promising results for the use of cannabinoids to help sleep from looking a their use through history to date, only large scale clinical trials will help researchers of the above mentioned studies gain a clearer understanding of how cannabinoids could help modulate sleep on a medicinal level.

(With thanks to the Sapphire Clinic for their research papers).


S x

Breaking Blog Silence ………….

I’ve taken 23 days away from this blog (WordPress gives you exact figures, I’ve not had to work it out) to slow this crazy life a little! Only in true ‘Sharon’ style, nothing has been resolved!

Thought I’d got my major concerns about covid 19 under control but boy in the last few days it’s jumped up and slapped me in the face! My son studies in Preston and returned to take up his tenancy on his new house just last weekend, only to have the government place Preston back into lockdown 6 days later!! Flipping heck!!! This high anxious, momma bear is now even more highly anxious than ever before! (Don’t think I’ve ever used so many exclamation marks in a blog post, oh my days!)

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Campaign 12 Avon

Today I’m planning to return to social media for my CBD & Avon businesses and the support I offer through my group to my chronic illness friends. I hoping these will help by way of distraction, a kind of distraction therapy.

Wish me luck.

Namaste. S x

It’s been a week to forget!! I HATE you Covid-19

It’s been a bonkers week for me & the family. My Dad was rushed to hospital last Friday with breathing issues (ultimately diagnosed as a chest infection & pneumonia) but with Covid restrictions still in place it feels like he’s been ripped from us. Mom & Dad, married for 51 years, have rarely spent time apart and for me, my sister & brother it’s been just waiting by the phone for updates.

On a personal level, my stress & anxiety levels, already high due to the Covid lockdown & restrictions, have shot through the roof causing havoc with my Fibro symptoms. Sleep ……. what’s that again? Not had a full nights kip in a week (which causes issues in itself!) Pain levels haven’t been too bad, although we haven’t stopped all week getting the house ready for Dad to come home, so this may come later! I am trialling a new CBD massage oil though on my knees and so far I’m very impressed.

The combo of symptoms will catch up with me as Dad has now come home & we can look after him ourselves. I’m physically hurting, mentally I’ve got 10 million thoughts going through my head at 100 mph but emotionally, relief is top of the pile.

Now to relax and enjoy family time. Recuperation needed all round, with a dash of CBD (of course) thrown in for good measure!


S x